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  • Brewery company from Top 3 in Russia
  • The use of the model allowed to develop optimal warehouse operating modes and increase the volume of processing during peak periods by 1.5 times without additional space

    Warehouse of finished products Optimization


    To optimize the selection and placement of warehouse equipment in order to maximize warehouse capacity

    Cargo flows in stock

    • transfer of products for storage from production lines to the warehouse of finished products (GSPs)
      Taking imports for storage in the SGP
    • Providing containers and materials
    • shipment with SGH to customers
    • Transfer of finished products to the central warehouse for bundling and repackaging

    Highlights of the model

    1. Retrospective analysis

    Reproducing the historical work of the warehouse in the selected period. Entry – WMS data for each pallet (loading and shipment from the warehouse of finished products)

    2. Planning mode

    The ability to change production plans
    The ability to change the performance of lines for a given production plan. Shipping Orders are formed automatically based on sales statistics
    Imitation of force majeure situations

    3. Optimize weekend buffers

    Various implementation options

    4. Optimize the logic of GP placement in WMS

    Comparing different options by direct integration with WMS