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Supply chain optimization

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  • Supply chain optimization
  • Main Challenges of Supply Chain Management

    • What should be the design of our supply chain?
    • How much to produce and where to store?
    • How should we deploy transportation policies?
    • Which resources do we need?
    • What if we introduce new products?
    • What if our workers go on strike?
    • What capacity do we need?
    • What manufacturing capacity do we need?
    • What if we lose a key supplier?
    • How can I improve my existing supply chain?
    • Should we Make or should we Buy?
    • What if I change inventory, transportation or sourcing policies?
    • Which business processes should we implement to reach operation excellence
    • Is there a risk of bullwhip effect in my supply chain?
    • What service level we will be able to provide our customers?
    • Where is my Supply Chain susceptible to risk?


    AnyLogistix - the best solution to optimize supply chains

    anyLogistix (ALX) the only multi-access software to optimize supply chains. ALX combines traditional optimization analytics and innovative simulation technologies. This allows you to model and analyze the supply chain at any level of detail, which means that it is more effective to find ways to improve

    anyLogistix  is created by AnyLogic, a technology leader in the simulation software market. AnyLogic tools are used by many multinational and Russian giants, including Ford, General Electric, Panasonic, GazpromNeft, Rostelecom, Sberbank, Eldorado and others

    anyLogistix (ALX) is the only supply chain optimization tool that combines two methods: analytics and simulation, and takes the best out of them