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European service center of Major Russian steel manufacturer

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  • European service center of Major Russian steel manufacturer
  • To increase the capacity with a minimal costs


    The company planned to implement a set of modernization activities  to increase
    the plant throughput  by ~1,5 times

    There were several options to consider with different layouts, combining :

    • installation or relocation of production lines
    • adding new cranes
    • relocation of scales
    • introducing conveyors, opening additional gates …

    There are many interrelated factors affecting performance


    Help the management to select the (technically) best option

    Evaluate the maximum possible plant performance in KTons per year


    Simulation modeling helps management team  to select the best option and confirm its productivity by detailed study taking into account time-space operations of trucks and plant equipment.

    The installation of the new CTL production line will significantly improve the ecological  factors aligned with general holding strategy.

    The model may be used in future to fine-tune the storage policies, work schedules and equipment selection. Additional model experiments may be useful for testing in extreme conditions.

    The customer also plans to use the model for daily operations planning – including for optimizing coil storage to decrease the  number of extra reshuffling operations.