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    Large Steel Manufacturer Simulation modeling of the European Service Centre of the leading Russian Steel Manufacturer in order to find the best solution to decrease the capacity by 1,5 times with the minimal upgrading costs
    Internet retailer from Top 5 in Russia Simulation modeling  of  the Central DC sorting & delivery operations with high-load  (> 3000 items per hour)
    Russian Post Simulation modeling for the large Sorting Centre with the purpose to increase the  throughput capacity by 1,5 times to the current one
    Major European timber supplier Optimization of the supply chain of raw materials (wood of various types and sizes) for the network of European pallet producers
    Brewery company from Top 3 in Russia The simulation model of the warehouse complex to optimize warehouse processes and reduce capital expenditures on warehouse equipment by 20%
    Sea container terminal in Saint-Petersburg Optimization of container loading and unloading modes and strategies, optimization of terminal equipment composition
    A major Russian fertilizer producer Optimization of the supply chain of the leading Russian vertically integrated  fertilizer producer
    Grain Storage Facility Optimization of truck movement on site according to loading/unloading schedule, railway intersections and demand fluctuations
    Agriculture holding Production optimization planning for greenhouse vegetable growth with estimated effect is more than $1 mln per year
    Paper Mill Company from Top 5 in Europe Optimization of wood log storage on site due to seasonal trends and production schedule.  The incoming flow is up to 200+ trucks and 50 rail platforms per day,. while the storage volume exceeds 2 mln cubic meters