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Leading European pallet manufacturer

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  • Leading European pallet manufacturer
  • After testing, the model is used to build a plan for the supply of raw materials for 2020. The project was completed in 2019 by the TBS Consulting team

    Optimizing the supply of raw materials


    A large European company places orders for the production of wooden pallets of several sizes on a network of companies located in Europe – Collectors, which, in turn, have one or more plants in different cities of Europe. The production uses raw materials in the form of wood lumber and composite blocks, which come from several suppliers. Expanding supply volumes requires better supply chain management


    To manage the supply, it was decided to build an imitation model to minimize the cost of raw materials (the cost of purchase from suppliers and transportation costs) while maintaining the level of service (in terms and quality)


    A pilot model for a group of customers and part of the range was implemented to select the modeling platform

    As a result of the pilot project of building a simulation model, it was decided to carry out in the system anyLogistix

    Experiments with the model showed the possibility of reducing costs by 10%